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The Panasonic DMW-LZACKIT Accessory Kit for Panasonic digital cameras includes an imitation leather nylon carrying case with belt loop, BQ-321 NiMH battery charger, and two 2050mAh HHR-3MPA 1.2v batteries.

The BQ321 is a two-cell charger that is ideal for travel with its ultra-light and compact size. It features world-wide voltage adaptable (100-240-volt), convenient flip-out plug, smart charging system ensures that batteries are never overcharged, alkaline detection, reverse polarity protection, temperature sensors prevent over heating. It charges one to two AA or AAA batteries, up to 2450 mAh (AA). One LED that indicates when the last battery has been fully charged.

Featuring R2 Technology, Panasonic's new rechargeable batteries boast a low self-discharge rate, allowing them to retain up to 80 percent of their capacity, even after 6 months in storage. They can be charged up to 1000 times, making them an economical choice to power all of your high drain digital electronics.


  • Accessory Kit

  • DMWLZLCP Camera Case
    -Nylon & Imitation Leather Construction
    -Top Loading w/ Magnetic Closure Flap
    -Belt Loop

  • 2 HHR3MPA AA Rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries
    -R2 Technology
    -Recharge Up To 1000 Times (IEC Standard)
    -Retains Up To 80% Charge After 6 Months

  • BQ321 Ultra-Light, Compact Battery Charger
    -Smart Charging System Never Overcharges
    -Ideal For Travel, World-Wide Voltage Adaptable (100-240VAC)
    -Convenient Flip-Out Plug
    -Charges 1 Or 2 Batteries At Once
    -LED Full-Charge Indicator Light
    -Temperature Sensors Prevent Overheating

  • For Panasonic Digital Cameras LZ2, LZ3 & LZ5
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