Panasonic SR-TEG18
Brand New Includes One Year Warranty
No Longer Manufactured

Product Details

This Panasonic SR-TEG18 having 10 cups uncooked rice capacity Auto-Cooking Feature cooks rice at the touch of a switch and helps reduce overcooking. Keep Warm Feature helps keep rice warm and moist up to 12 hours. Cooking/warming indicator lights and Automatic Shut-off.

SR-TEG18 Features:
  • Rice Cooker
  • 10-Cups Uncooked Rice Capacity
  • Auto-Cooking Feature
  • Automatic Switch-Off
  • Domed Lid
    Prevents Water Drops From Falling On Rice
  • 12-Hour Keep Warm
  • Non-Stick Coated Pan
  • Cooking/Warming Indicator Lights
  • Moisture Cap
    Prevents Boiling Over
  • Automatic Rewind Cord
  • Multi Language Manual
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