Panasonic ESRF31S + Foil
Brand New Includes Two Year Warranty
No Longer Manufactured

Product Details

The Panasonic ESRF31 is a stylish premium 4-Blade shaver incorporates leading edge technologies giving superior results. The multi-arc foils is the perfect solution for hard to reach hairs like those under the chin, the foil fits uniformly against the skin for a close, accurate shave. Moreover, pro-Curve Quad-Blade shaver has unique features to give a gentle-on-the-skin, clean, smooth shave.

The ESRF31 has super flexible pivoting head rocks up and down to a maximum of 8 mm, and rocks side to side up to 14 degrees following the contours of the face and incorporates a very fast motor at 10,000 rpms for a fast, smooth and comfortable shave. The 30 degree nano technology inner blade is precisely angled to firmly shear off your beard closely and comfortably. The Wet & Dry Technology provides you with the flexibility to shave dry or wet with the convenience of an electric razor.

ESRF31 Features:
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