Panasonic PSMD12
Brand New Includes One Year Warranty
No Longer Manufactured

Product Details

The Panasonic PSMD12 is a indoor surface dome housing constructed of ABS plastic housing with a tinted acrylic dome. It has unit with tinted bubble to hide the camera's pointing direction and installs easily on a ceiling surface. Designed for fixed cameras up to 8" in length with various lenses.

PSMD12 Features:

  • Indoor Surface Dome Housing
  • For Standard Body 1/3 Inches Cameras
  • Sturdy ABS Plastic Construction
  • Smoked Bubble For Discreet Operation
  • Easily Installed From Below The Ceiling
  • Easy Camera Adjustments

Use With:
  • For Panasonic 1/3 Inches CCD Fixed cameras Upto 8" In Length With Various Lenses
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