Panasonic RRM100
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Product Details

The Panasonic RRM100 is Rack card FM video receiver with multimode. It is used for applications where the distance, bandwidth or image quality requirements strain the capabilities of standard coaxial transmission. The RRM100 can easily receiver video as far as 2.5 kilometer with virtually no loss of image clarity or quality, and entirely without repeaters or amplifiers. This FM video receiver provides full color transmission. RRM100 diagnostics mode for Video, Power and Optical Signals.

RRM100 Features:

  • FM Video Rack Card Receiver
  • Diagnostics: Video, Power & Optical Presence
  • Full Color Transmission
  • Small Profile
  • PFM video Transmission
  • Optical AGC
  • 2500 Meters Maximum Transmission Distance
  • BNC Video Connector

Works With The Following Models:
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