Panasonic PRC201C
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Product Details

The Panasonic PRC201C is a indoor recessed ceiling housing designed for use in suspended or sheet rock ceiling applications. It is fully adjustable for 360 degree positioning and is manufactured from 94HB flame rated plastic, with an optically clear acrylic viewing window.

The PRC201C includes 26-gauge galvanized steel metal cover and is sized for use with a solid state 1/2" or 1/3" camera and lens combination.

PRC201C Features:

  • Indoor Recessed Ceiling Housing
  • Designed For Use w/ Suspended Ceiling Applications
  • Housing Manufactured From High Impact Beige ABS, w/ An Optically Clear Acrylic Viewing Window
  • Unit Is Fully Adjustable For 360° Positioning
  • Sized for Use w/ Panasonic’s Standard Body Camera & Lens Combinations
Panasonic PRC-201C Includes

  • Metal Back Box Dust Cover
  • 26-gauge galvanized steel metal cover

Use With:
  • Solid State 1/2 Inches or 1/3 Inches Camera & Lens Combination
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