Panasonic SC-HC05 Black
Brand New Includes One Year Warranty
No Longer Manufactured

Product Details

The Panasonic SC-HC05K is improved design by employing the Touch-Free Sensor and a new stainless mesh. The compact body of the iPod/iPhone exclusive SC-HC05K makes it ideal for personal room use. The slim body of the compact stereo system, which is only 2-3/4 inch depth*, makes it ideal for setting it onto a shallow shelf or mounting it to a wall. Audio signals that are lost during Bluetooth wireless transmission are compensated, so you get high quality music from your iPhone or iPod touch with fingertip operation. Panasonic audio products are designed to consume as little as possible in order to save natural resources.

The SC-HC05K has bamboo cone speakers that make the sound more responsive, vocals are pure and clear, and dialog is crisp and easy to understand. A tweeter has been added to reproduce high-frequency sounds with high quality. The 2-way speaker system lets you enjoy sounds that are faithful to the original by reproducing a wide acoustic range, from robust bass to crisp, clear treble. Thin passive radiators positioned at the front and back of the speaker cancel out vibrations inside the speaker, thus suppressing unwanted vibrations and delivering robust bass sound.

SC-HC05K Features:

  • Compact Stereo System
  • LED Display
  • Bluetooth Wireless Link Function
  • Touch-Free Sensor & Stainless Mesh
  • Internet Radio Control
  • Push to Open iPod®/iPhone® Direct Dock
  • Slim & Flat Design
  • Wireless Music Streaming by Bluetooth w/ Remaster
  • Built-in Speaker

SC-HC05K Technical Details:

  • Power Output:40W RMS
  • Built-in LED Display: Yes
  • Bluetooth Re-Master: Yes
  • Built-in Speakers: Yes
  • Speakers Front (L/R) Configuration: 2 way 2 speaker, Dual Passive Radiator x2
  • Speakers Front (L/R) Speaker Unit: Woofer: 2-1/2" Cone Type

****Please do NOT sign for package until you have confirmed it is undamaged. You can refuse delivery if unsatisfied with condition of shipping box or the contents. Returns or exchanges are NOT permitted – please contact the manufacturer for any warranty issues that may arise.****
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