Panasonic EP-MA10KU
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Product Details

The Panasonic EP-MA10KU is designed to help you achieve therapeutic muscle relaxation and increased blood flow throughout your body to promote good health. Inspired by centuries-old Chinese massage techniques, the EP-MA10 features a revolutionary, cervical spine massage mechanism that allows greater focus on the pressure points in the neck and back, the key to relieving overall tension and stress.

The EP-MA10KU Massage Chair is relatively lightweight yet sacrifices nothing in the way of a full-featured massage. The futuristic, intuitive remote is color-coded according to the message selected. This massage chair features Pressure point simulation for palm and arm. Its recline is controlled electronically to 170 degrees, allowing you to choose the position in which you're most comfortable while receiving your massage. the EP-MA51KU utilizes adjustable and removable plates to incorporate reflexology into the massage experience. This stimulates additional massage points on your feet, increasing blood and energy flow throughout your body.

EP-MA51KU Features:

  • Real Pro Total Body Massage Chair
  • cervical spine massage mechanism
  • Speed Control
  • 296 Sq in. Of Air Massage & 160 Sq in. On The Upper Body Area
  • Stretch System
  • 22 Airbags Circulation System
  • 52 Massage Modes
  • 170° Power Reclining
  • Ottoman Up/Down Control
  • Easy-to-Use Remote
  • Program Time Indicator
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