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Panasonic WV-SW3H
Brand New Includes One Year Warranty

Product Details

The Panasonic WV-SW3HA heater unit makes it possible for WV-SW352 and WV-SW355 vandal-resistant fixed dome network cameras to operate at a low temperature of up to -22°F (-30°C). The integrated small fan of the unit reduces condensation on the camera's enclosure caused by changes in the ambient temperature, and switches off when there is no more condensation. The unit turns on or off depending on the camera's internal temperature.

WV-SW3H Features:

  • Camera Heater Unit
  • Allows Network Cameras to Operate in Cold Weather
  • Enables Operation in Temperatures As Low As -22°F (-30°C)
  • Integrated Fan Prevents Moisture Formation On Camera Surface
  • Turns On/Off Depending on Camera's Internal Temperature

Works with the following camera models
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