Panasonic Camera Housings

Panasonic PRCM1
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Product Details

The Panasonic PRCM1 is a embedded ceiling mount housing. It has steel construction for durability and discreet enclosure for mounting into a drop ceiling tile or sheetrock ceiling. Gets easily installed from below the ceiling.

PRCM1 Features:

  • Embedded Ceiling Mount Housing
  • Discreet Enclosure For Mounting Into Drop Ceiling
  • Steel Construction For Durability
  • Easily Installed From Below The Ceiling

Use With:
  • Panasonic Camera Models WV-CF284, WV-CF294, WV-NF284, WV-NS202, WV-NW502S, WV-NW484
  • Panasonic Camera Models WV-CF504, WV-NF302, WV-SC385 & Other Network Cameras
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