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The Panasonic EP30007KX Real Pro ULTRA with advanced quad-style massage technology uses sophisticated sensor technology to essentially plot a digital map of your back. The massage you receive is contoured to your height and your spine's curve. The "floating" massage heads glide over your back and know where to massage and where not to. You can create your own customizable program, which the EP30007KX remembers for the next time you're ready for a massage. The air bags conform to your body and the Air Ottoman system even extends to open/closed to accommodate any height.

The Real Pro Ultra utilizes adjustable and removable plates to incorporate reflexology into the massage experience. This reflexology stimulates additional massage points on your feet, increasing blood and energy flow throughout your body. This massage chair also comes with 36 total airbags, including airbags for the soles of your feet, calves, buttocks, arms/hands, waist & shoulders.

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EP30007KX Features:

  • Real Pro ULTRA Massage Chair
  • Advanced Quad-Style Massage Technology
  • Body Scan Technology
  • 460 Square Inches of Air Massage
  • Over 1117 Possible Massage Combinations
  • Soothing Grasp/Closed Fist Massage Modes
    &- For Your Neck & Shoulders
  • Voice Guidance System
  • 4-Person/6-Program Memory - 24 Total Memory
  • Customizable Self-Program Massage
  • 36 Total Airbags
  • 170° Power Reclining
  • Easy-to-Use Remote
  • Ultra Soft & Durable Synthetic Leather
  • American Chiropractic Association (ACA) Endorsed

5 Pre-Programed Massage Modes:

  • Shiatsu
  • Swedish
  • Deep Arm
  • Deep Leg
  • Stretch
8 Massage Modes:

  • Junetsu Massage
  • Swedish
  • Kneading
  • Compression
  • Tapping
  • Shiatsu
  • Grasping
  • Stretch

EP30007KX Technologies:

The Junetsu Difference Reflexology Massage: Give Your Feet a Rest The Acupoint Method

Depth Adjustment and Innovative Pressure Sensor Technology

The EP30007KX Real Pro Ultra uses sophisticated sensor technology to essentially plot a digital map of your back. Because everyone is built differently, everyone needs a unique type of massage; the EP30007KX uses it’s sensor technology to deliver a massage contoured and customized to your back’s shape and dimensions, with special emphasis on your spinal structure. This digital map instructs the rollers: the EP30007KX knows where to massage, and where not to. By using the electronic intensity adjustment, you can help inform the massage heads to either extend further into your back (for a deeper massage) or withdraw for a smoother, gentler massage. You can even program your lounger to focus more intensely on a specific part of your body, and less intensely on another!

The "Junetsu" Difference

A Panasonic exclusive! The aptly named "Junetsu" technique (a Japanese word meaning "ultra fine kneading") is derived from the brief circular thumb movements of many professional massage therapists. Effectively, this allows your EP30007KX to deliver a spot-specific massage to particularly tense areas on your body. The Junetsu method quickly and deeply penetrates through muscles and reverberates down to your bones, loosening up even the tightest muscles with small spiral motions.

Total Body Coverage

The EP30007KX offers 200 square inches of total back coverage alone, and an additional 296 square inches of coverage over your legs, hips, buttocks, and arms. That’s 496 total square inches of coverage, more than any other chair in its class!

Reflexology Massage: Give Your Feet a Rest

For professional grade foot massage, the Panasonic EP30007KX is at the top of its class. Using adjustable and removable plates around your feet, the Real Pro Ultra incorporates stimulating reflexology into your personal massage experience. Three airbags per foot massages crucial tension points on your feet, increasing circulatory function in the soles and proliferating energy throughout your body. Your feet have to carry a lot of weight, and consequently, they carry a lot of stress; why not give them the treatment they deserve?

The Flexible Ottoman and Auto-Recline

Panasonic’s EP30007KX boasts a unique, versatile ottoman that will keep you rested even as it works to relieve your stress and tension. The ottoman features 12 airbags to give your legs a complete, contoured massage, with special attention to your calves and feet (where you store much of your stress). The Real Pro Ultra’s ottoman can be used open or closed, so you are guaranteed a perfect fit for your body regardless of your height. Additionally, the EP30007KX gives you electronic control over your recline while the chair massages you. Choose the position that makes you feel the most comfortable: up to 170 degrees of options!

Relax Your Arms and Hands

Advanced stretching and kneading armrests deliver unprecedented comfort and relaxation to your often-overlooked limbs. Effective arm and hand massage promotes proper circulation and warmth, and it also improves your flexibility and range of motion. Regular hand and wrist massage may also significantly alleviate pains associated with carpal tunnel syndrome and will diminish your risk of suffering from this common ailment After a long day at the keyboard, this may be just what you need!

The Voice Guidance System Makes Massage Convenient

With so many massage possibilities available to you, operating your EP30007KX may seem like a formidable task. Luckily, Panasonic has developed a remarkably intuitive remote user interface that boasts a built-in voice guide to help you pick the perfect massage program for you. After watching Panasonic’s short tutorial video, you will be able to program your chair like a pro. It’s just so easy!

The Acupoint Method

There are around 350 acupoints in your body, dispersed essentially along the surface of your skin. Of these, 100 are located in your back and neck! All of the EP30007KX’s massage techniques are specifically engineered to manipulate and relieve these crucial acupoints, yielding a remarkably invigorating and effective massage.

"Grasping:" Advanced Panasonic Massage Technology

Unlike most massage chairs, the EP30007KX can actually extend the massage rollers away from the chair and over your shoulders. Not only do these rollers massage the tops of your shoulders, they can actually pivot down to massage near your collarbone. Only Panasonic offers this incredibly realistic and relaxing massage technology!

Stretching Your Hips and Thighs

Panasonic’s Real Pro Ultra gently grasps your legs and hips while lowering the calf and back rest. This “stretching” relaxes your body even as it improves your flexibility. This stretching works in tandem with your massage because it improves the flow of blood throughout your body as the rollers relax your muscles. Increased flexibility is important, as it can reduce the incidence of injury and may improve your total mobility.

Program Memory!

You can create your own custom programs based on individual users; your EP30007KX will “remember” these massage presets, so you and yours can have a perfectly tailored massage every time. You can save up to 6 custom programs for 4 different users to the EP30007KX’s memory; that’s 24 memorized, customized programs in all!

**We do not accept returns of massage chairs. We provide in home services throughout the U.S. If the chair requires further service and is removed from your home/office, it will be returned to you once the repairs have been made.**

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